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Glen Lau –A legendary fishing guide on Lake Erie, Glen gave up guiding to pursue a career in cinematography. As a producer and director, he created more than 300  commercials and 200 television programs, including several segments of the American Sportsman, Wild Wild World of Animals, Sports Afield, The Outdoorsman and Quest for Adventure.
He is perhaps best known for the groundbreaking documentary, Bigmouth, which explored the lifecycle of largemouth bass. More recently, his Bigmouth Forever film won the North American Film & Video Award and numerous other national honors. He has hosted or appeared on more than 300 television programs and is a member of the American Society of media Photographers, the American Fisheries Society, and The Fishing Hall of Fame. He is the founder of the "Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs" campaign and also introduced the Spiderwire fishing line.
​Today, he owns Glen Lau Film & Video, a Florida-based film production company that specializes in outdoor adventures and underwater productions.
Glen was recently introduced into the prestigious Bass Fishing Hall of Fame.​
A resident of Williston, Florida, he is an ardent supporter of The Florida Bass Conservation Center and other conservation causes.​
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BIGMOUTH the original

Now BIGMOUTH, the original, is once again available. This documentary has received critical acclaim as the most significant film ever produced studying the lifecycle of the largemouth bass.

After watching BIGMOUTH, you will gain a wealth of knowledge crucial to increasing your angling success !

Bigmouth  VT 102  $ 19.95​​​

This documentary moves beyond the basic life history of the bass​ to discover answers to questions never before revealed to fisherman.

It combines years of research and breathtaking underwater photography that has been two years in the making.​​

Bigmouth Forever VT 101  $29.95


Glimpses of the original BIGMOUTH documentary, the most significant film ever produced on the large-mouth Bass.

In BIGMOUTH FOREVER, you'll move beyond the basic life history of the bass to discover answers to questions never before revealed to fisherman.​​
Bigmouth 35 is at celebration of the 35 years since we filmed "Bigmouth the Original".
It includes interviews with Homer Circle and Glen Lau and explains how the film was accomplished.​
Many of the scenes were nearly impossible to accomplish and we work almost 2 years to get the final results.​
The interview with Homer and Glen tells of the struggles they had during the filming process.​

The film won many awards and is part of the history on the lifecycle of the largemouth bass.​​
BIGMOUTH 35     VT 103   $ 29.95